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During the past few years, Anne Haile has treated our family for both acute and chronic conditions. The results have far surpassed those we’ve experienced with other providers. Her attentive, holistic approach and techniques have been life changing. Through a thorough evaluation process, Anne unveils and explains the interconnectedness of our anatomy and develops a treatment and wellness plan that facilitates rapid recovery and enhanced quality-of-life.

Further, Anne maximizes the treatment experience. If your appointment is scheduled for one hour, dedicated hands-on treatment is for a full hour, not treatment interspersed with exercises. She prescribes stretches and exercises which can be done later—on one’s own time. 

Thanks to Anne’s deep experience, comprehensive approach and caring nature, our health has not only improved but we’ve learned how to take better care of ourselves as well. That kind of awareness is both exciting and valuable.

The Robertson Family - Friendship, MD

"I have been to multiple Physical Therapists over the past several years for help with muscular pain in the neck/shoulder region related to a motorcycle injury and lower back pain. Anne was not the first therapist to perform dry-needling on my issues, but she has been my go-to since I found her! I was referred to her by a coworker who also uses her practice. She is very thorough in treatment, professional in business, and pleasant to chat with while being treated. I refer everyone I know to her!"

Patrick - Edgewater, MD

"Pam goes above and beyond to get to know the person to learn the root of their problems.  Her treatment and evaluation focuses on assessing the whole body and how one sore area affects another area of the body. Pam and Anne introduced  the myofascial release technique to me and it has been a life changer.  The release of my muscles helps me to function properly instead of causing me chronic pain. "

RZ - Annapolis, MD

For nearly 10 years, Anne and Pam of Haile PT have skillfully and compassionately tended to and treated a wide range of needs for my family.  I suffered from fibromyalgia-related neck, back, and shoulder pain, as well as constant muscle spasms, when my rheumatologist referred me to Haile PT. Anne’s and Pam’s experience and expertise enabled them to quickly assess symptoms, discover the root cause of problems, and develop a treatment plan to put me back on the path to wellness.  Anne’s expertise in dry needling techniques was fundamental in stopping my muscle spasms. Anne and Pam also helped my daughters, competitive swimmers, to continue training and stay competitive through tendinitis, muscle imbalances, and other issues which would have otherwise kept them out of the water. Anne effectively treated my husband’s acute back pain, helping him to correct his posture and to increase flexibility and strength. Anne also greatly helped my mom, a senior citizen with multiple auto-immune conditions and general weakness. Through our family’s experiences, Anne and Pam have continually provided excellent care, and I highly recommend Haile PT.  

Arlisa - Gambrills, MD

"Anne Haile and Pam Garland have been my physical therapists for over 20 years when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. They are very knowledgeable, compassionate and empathetic about my struggles with fibromyalgia. They also treated my migraine headaches. Anne and Pam have educated me over the years on sources of pain, how muscles work, nutrition relevant to my condition, types of treatment (myofacial, cranial sacral, dry needling, etc), exercises to do at home and equipment that can help me deal with pain. (such as a Tens unit, SI belt, foam roller). I highly recommend them."

Barbara - Odenton, MD

I want to thank Pam Garland from Haile PT for her attentiveness for diagnosis, patience with her explanations for exercises and guidance for helping me with sciatica and rotator cuff issues.

BSS - Annapolis, MD

When my rheumatologist referred me for physical therapy, she specifically said that I should go to Anne  Haile for my treatment. Anne is very knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with the pain from Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome. She knows how to best work trigger points and knotted muscles to calm the pain. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a physical therapist who truly understands the science of pain and how to treat it.

Randi - Annapolis, MD

I had a great experience with Haile Physical Therapy (HPT). I suffered with pain and reduced range of motion of my right arm and shoulder. I could not do many of the daily activities that I enjoyed. I went through many weeks of traditional physical therapy through the normal referral process of my Primary Care Physician. I worked as hard as possible throughout that therapy with very minimal improvement. Most important, my shoulder quickly returned to its weakened position prior to my rehab. My wife had been using HPT for issues she was having and recommended I give it a try. I did and had the opportunity to have dry needling performed on me by Anne Haile. That procedure has led to the full restoration of my shoulder with no pain since my physical therapy with HPT ended over two years ago. All the activities I had curtailed prior to seeing HPT are now and have been a part of my everyday life since my PT with Anne.

Paul - Annapolis, MD

Pam is wonderful! She is one of our, “go to,” fixers! We first went to Pam when my daughter began having back pain. Pam was able to determine that my daughter was having an issue with her QL, made worse from going from one sport to the next. My daughter was having even more of a painful, acute issue than we realized and Pam figured that out fast. My daughter felt better after the first visit and would continue to feel better after each treatment. Pam was also very understanding of how important it was to my daughter to get back out on the field, yet she proceeded with care and encouraged my daughter to take it slowly enough to make sure the injury did not get more aggravated or take longer to fully recover. Since then, we have gone back to Pam for different back and other problem areas as well. Pam always recommends whatever tools might help speed up recovery or alleviate discomfort, like laser treatments or using kinesiology tape, additional exercises or stretches, etc. What is even better is that she has taught us things as well, like how to use Kinesiology tape ourselves (although she still does the best job of anyone), always passing on her knowledge and expertise whenever she can. She is also willing to communicate with Peak trainers if that is something that might be desired simultaneously. Overall, Pam is a great listener, more than gracious with her time and willingness to help, and she really knows her, “stuff!” We are grateful to know we can call her for help. It is our pleasure to see her every time!

GE - Edgewater, MD

Anne Haile is a great practitioner, she really helped me deal with rehabilitation and pain after surgery.

Barbara - Annapolis, MD

"If I had not been recommended to Anne Haile about a year ago, I'd be doing the same recommended exercises that would get me out of pain, but not keep me out of pain. Anne is professional, knowledgeable, and especially gifted in knowing how my muscles and joints work. She listens to me and is very caring. I incurred a traumatic injury in 1994. Through dry needling she has released muscles that were contracted thus allowing my hips to move freely, and not contract causing a rotation in my spine. By doing this the stability in my back has greatly increased. If I feel the pain begin she's given me exercises that will allow me to loosen the contracted muscle and relieve my pain. She has given me the knowledge of proper posture.I totally recommend her for anyone who needs a PT for a minor or major injury."

Barb - Severna Park, MD

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